What do Doublecreek’s families have to say about us?

My daughter LOVED week 1 of camp! She has already begged us to sign her up for more time next summer. We will definitely sign her up earlier next year.

Both of my children love Doublecreek - it’s all they want to do all summer!

So well organized and friendly staff. Appreciate the extra courtesy of walking the camper to the car and opening their door. Your team is awesome!

Staff really cares about our kids! The best thing about Doublecreek!

My family appreciates you! My kids look forward to Camp DC all year. You are our summer tradition. We are so grateful for all your hard work, positive energy and dedication to our kids' health, well being, and FUN experiences. We hear all your names! We know all about your silly, funny personalities and we love that you are a part of our kids' lives.

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for making his summer so amazing. It’s one thing to be happy, it’s a whole different and more amazing thing to see your child elated and excited every single day expressing how he just can't wait to get back to camp with his friends
-Erick J.

This year in particular, I feel grateful for this camp. Though the summer may look a little difference and involve a lot more hand washing, the smiles have not faded, and she is still having an absolute blast!!
-Jacquelyn E.

I cannot say enough good things about Camp Doublecreek. The staff is caring, flexible, and a joy with which to work. My son was so tired of being stuck at home this spring. Doublecreek was a lifesaver; he came home smiling and tired everyday. Keep up the great work!
-Hadra B.

We are so happy that Camp Doublecrek was able to open this summer as many camps did not. This is the 2nd year my son has attended and his younger brother will follow next Summer. After being stuck at home for months due to COVID, this camp gave my son the normalcy he needed. He is excited to go everyday and loves swimming, horseback riding, gun safety, arts and crafts, archery, making new friends and so much more. We are sad for it to be ending, but look forward to many more summers! Thanks to the staff for all they do and making it so fun for the kids and safe!
-Shelly C.

Director Dan, thank you for a great summer at camp! Love, C.W.

2020 has been hard on our seven year old. She missed school and her friends. We signed her up for Camp Doublecreek, and it was her best time of the summer. She came home every day on cloud nine, talking so fast about all the fun she had, it was hard to keep up with her! It made a huge difference to our family during such a tough time to have our daughter have such a great, fun experience. Thank you! We’re looking forward to next year!
-Jessica S.

What camps used to be--outdoor fun, unique experiences, camp songs and more.

My kids love it! The staff is so engaged and excited!
-Tiffany C.

Camp Doublecreek how we love you. The staff is great from the office to the counselors. So many fun activities for all ages...Thank you for being a great place for kids and for having them come home worn out.
Jamie E.

Best camp ever!!!! Both my kids have loved it for many years. Every age they have had different favorite activities.
-Lee Ann B.

Best summer camp! My 10 year old will be attending his third summer this year, and my 8 year old loves it too! Outside all day....swimming, horseback riding, gaga ball, farm animals, skits by counselors and campers, and much more! Different themes every week. The kids are happy and tired at the end of each day.
-S. McCloud.

This was my 6 years old first ever camp experience and he loved it. He fell in love with Nikki the horse (apparently, all kids love her), and so we learned that he's really into horses.. He was afraid of putting his head under water, till his guide played a game with him and made it fun. I came to visit un-announced on the last day of camp and the staff was super nice and helpful, I could see my child having fun and he even made a new friend that we'd meet later this summer for one on one play dates. He asked to go again, which to me is the best testimonial for the awesomeness of this place. Highly recommended.
-Yifat C.

We are SO thankful for Camp Doublecreek and all you have done to make it safe for our campers this year 😁 👍After a loooong year of being home, we appreciate knowing we can trust our kiddos to y'all!
-Natalie H.